Your Weekend Movie Preview: Rush Hour 3, Stardust, Daddy Day Camp, Skinwalkers

One word: “Rush Hour 3”. Okay, two words and a letter. As good as “Stardust”, “Daddy Day Camp”, or “Skinwalkers” will be (or will not be), Jackie Chan’s weird face and Chris Tucker’s big mouth will rule the day as well as the box office. The third entry in the never-say-die franchise finds Chan and Tucker’s cops in Paris on vacation when they run across Chinese triads and snobby French people. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Meanwhile, werewolves clash in the new horror “Skinwalkers”, which was scheduled for a 2006 dump to DVD, but apparently someone thought it was good enough to release into theaters. Eddie Murphy skips the “Daddy Day Care” sequel, while Michelle Pfeiffer does fantasy in “Stardust”.

The “Rush Hour 3” trailer, as if you’ve never seen it:

Meanwhile, Cuba Gooding Jr. subs in for Eddie Murphy in “Daddy Day Camp”, a pseudo sequel to “Daddy Day Care”. I’ll skip this one and wait for “Daddy Day Juvie” next year with Ice Cube subbing for Cuba Gooding Jr.

The fourth major release is “Stardust”, based on Neil Gaiman’s comics, and directed by the guy who has just signed on to direct the “Thor” movie. Advance reviews haven’t exactly been kind, and the film doesn’t have enough star power to make a dent in “Rush Hour 3’s” guaranteed box office domination. Remember when Robert De Niro can actually open a movie? Not anymore…

Our pick for the week is “Skinwalkers”, because we love horror movies, and we love werewolf horror movies even more.