Zach Galligan Goes Toe-to-Toe with an Unruly Bigfoot in Nightbeasts

Movies about bigfoot — or sasquatch, if you’re nasty — are a tough sell these days. Nobody has been able to top Ryan Schifrin’s thoroughly enjoyable romp “Abominable” since its release over four years ago, and those who tried were, shall we say, less than successful in their endeavors. Writer/director Wes Sullivan’s “Nightbeasts” is yet another contender for the “Best Bigfoot Movie of All Time” award, a film that comes pre-packaged with genre veteran Zach Galligan. I’m not saying that Galligan’s presence somehow strengths the film’s chances of winning me over, but it certainly doesn’t hurt matters any. What’s more, the picture features my personal Lord and Savior Lloyd Kaufman as a park ranger. Color me very interested. Check out the trailer below if you think you can handle the unbridled awesomeness. Thanks to for providing the trailer.