Zack Snyder is Still Waiting for Frank Miller, 300 in 3D

If Zack Snyder has his way, he’ll direct “Xerxes”, the “300” sequel after he wraps up his all-girl power movie “Sucker Punch” (in 3D! Whoopee do!). Of course, in order for Snyder to start coming up with a reason to get his leading lady buck nekkid in the movie, he first has to wait for Frank Miller to finish the graphic novel that the movie will be based on. But as fans of Miller’s as yet-unfinished “Batman vs. Al Qaeda” comic book and the legendarily delayed “All-Star Batman and Robin” and “The Dark Knight Strikes Back” comics can tell you, when Frank Miller decides to take his time on something, Frank Miller takes his friggin’ time on something.

In this case, Frank Miller is taking his sweet time on the “Xerxes” comic book, which means neither Snyder or anyone else has seen the book yet. Once Miller finally rolls out “Xerxes”, Snyder says he’ll have to actually adapt a script around it first, so you’re probably looking at a 2012 movie. Unless, of course, Snyder ends up on something else while waiting, which is entirely possible given that, well, Frank Miller doesn’t quite have the cache he once did before the grand disaster that was “The Spirit”.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has continued their scary obsession with 3D, and has already converted about 10 minutes of Snyder’s “300” into the format. The studio seems to be mulling over plans to re-release the film in theaters as 3D picture. Because, you know, the only thing better than an arrow shooting out of the screen at you is Gerard Butler’s glistening abs throbbing in your face. Of course, Lena Headey is also in the movie, so maybe that’s a fair trade-off.

Now remember son, while I'm gone, no one must see your mom in 3D, got it?