Zack Snyder Promises a Real-ish Superman Sans Hyper Stylization


When you think Zack Snyder, you think ridiculous overuse of slow-motion and wonky sped up action ala “300” and “Watchmen”. Of course, most people forget that he cut his teeth on the “Dawn of the Dead” remake, which if you looked at now, seems like an entirely different guy directed that movie and Snyder’s more recent fare, including the blue balls-generating “Sucker Punch”. For his “Superman” reboot, though, Zack Snyder is promising a film that will look nothing like his past movies, something more “real”.

Snyder tells Heat Vision:

I’ve stretched this world of abstract reality so far that the awesome thing about Superman is that Superman lives in the real world. And it probably will be the most ‘real’ movie I’ve made. It will more real than even Dawn of the Dead… Superman will be a documentary compared to [Sucker Punch].

Snyder’s wife and producing partner Deborah Snyder echoes that sentiment:

It’s weird that it’s Superman, a guy from outer space, that’s flying. But I think it’s going to be a definite departure from the things he’s done because the idea is to make him relevant in our world today. So the way you do that is you put him in our world exactly how it is and not in a stylized world.

So what, no slow-motion shot of Superman as he rips some mugger’s arm off at the shoulder joint? Damn, I was so looking forward to that, too.

Hey, Supes, ever heard of Red Bull?

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    We’ll still get speed ramping to show some powers I bet. But if he wants to see some cool action of everyday crime being fought by a superpowered hero, look no further than the bank heist scene in “Hancock.” That scene, minus the whole “asshole” thing was classic Superman mixed with a little Batman even, with the way he took them out.

    • Juggernaut

      I thought the same thing while watching Hancock! I really hope that he does impliment some of the speed ramping while doing some cool stuff like you said. Supes superspeed using that effect or heatvision would be so cool! I think he is talking more about the overuse of the dramatic cinematography and mood. I really can’t wait to see what comes of this. Then again I was on board for Singer’s film too. Lol.

      • Dedpool

        YEah we see how that turned out. The hate backlash for Snyder starts today! Anyone who dislikes “Sucker Punch” will automatiacally be scared at the idea of SNyder’s Man of Steel. That said, him making the analogy to his first big work “Dawn of the Dead” could easily assuage those fears. And yeah I want to see the speed ramping for the use of his super speed. They need to have one of those all the guns are drawn and then poof they’re gone or melted moments, and then have it go back in slow motion and show what he did.

        • Juggernaut

          One of the only cool parts in “Returns was the slo-mo gattlin gun/bullet shattering eye scene. That was a lot like some of the Snyder stuff and for Superman was really effective.

          • Dedpool

            Very true. Very true!

            Sent on the go.

  • Lexavi80

    I guess slow-mo is not that bad as long you don’t over-use it. Anyway, I still believe Snyder is a good choice for directing superman.

    Can’t wait!.

  • Bad Zack

    he better not Fuck this up — Superman is one of my Favorites

  • BoosterGold

    as long as it isnt nearly as lame as the recent one im onboard(im sorry but lex luthors evil plot to create land was aweful and a waste of my time) i love superman but i hate the thought of sitting through that again

  • BoosterGold

    as long as it isnt nearly as lame as the recent one im onboard(im sorry but lex luthors evil plot to create land was aweful and a waste of my time) i love superman but i hate the thought of sitting through that again

  • Brad

    All I ask is don’t make Superman a dead-beat dad and show him actually punching someone (within reason) or something (like a giant robot, maybe?). Keep true to the spirit of who and what Superman is and I’ll be happy. Stray too far from that, and well, that’ll be the last time we see the Man of Steel on the silver screen for, I fear, a very, very long time.

  • SmokinBandit

    I like the idea of putting supes actually in “our” world and not a stylized version of it. Makes for an interesting concept on the character, really what they have to do is humanize him to a certain point where we actually care about what happens, other wise its just an invincible man with all these powers fighting criminals for and hour and a half, and not just giving him the Louis Lane love intrest to connect him, but actually getting into the reasons he protects the entire planet and the human race from almost everything.

  • LedBalloon

    They’re gonna do the same thing that was done with the Batman franchise. Keep to the roots just tweak it little. Maybe the reason the why the Kents are in Smallville, a rural farm town in the middle of nowhere, cause they are hiding from the government or scientist or both (Lex Luthor?) to keep safe their newly found alien baby. I don’t know. Best idea I could come with being that Superman is going to be in “our” world.

  • ekek

    James Cameron to direct Superman reboot instead!