Zack Snyder Promises a Real-ish Superman Sans Hyper Stylization

When you think Zack Snyder, you think ridiculous overuse of slow-motion and wonky sped up action ala “300” and “Watchmen”. Of course, most people forget that he cut his teeth on the “Dawn of the Dead” remake, which if you looked at now, seems like an entirely different guy directed that movie and Snyder’s more recent fare, including the blue balls-generating “Sucker Punch”. For his “Superman” reboot, though, Zack Snyder is promising a film that will look nothing like his past movies, something more “real”.

Snyder tells Heat Vision:

I’ve stretched this world of abstract reality so far that the awesome thing about Superman is that Superman lives in the real world. And it probably will be the most ‘real’ movie I’ve made. It will more real than even Dawn of the Dead… Superman will be a documentary compared to [Sucker Punch].

Snyder’s wife and producing partner Deborah Snyder echoes that sentiment:

It’s weird that it’s Superman, a guy from outer space, that’s flying. But I think it’s going to be a definite departure from the things he’s done because the idea is to make him relevant in our world today. So the way you do that is you put him in our world exactly how it is and not in a stylized world.

So what, no slow-motion shot of Superman as he rips some mugger’s arm off at the shoulder joint? Damn, I was so looking forward to that, too.

Hey, Supes, ever heard of Red Bull?