Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel’s Other Superheroes, Directing a Justice League Movie

Man of Steel (2013) Movie Image

If I were a “reading between the lines” sort of fella, I would say this LATimes interview with “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder offers up quite a number of interesting tidbits. The first is that Snyder seems to indicate that his movie will definitely leave plenty of room open for other superheroes to show up later in the same universe. Say, a superhero team-up to rival Marvel’s “The Avengers”.

He says as much:

Do the DC characters exist in the universe I created? The answer is yes. In my mind, we have this fantastic character of Superman. It’s not madness that there would be others.

Man of Steel (2013) Movie PosterHe doesn’t come right out and say there will be hidden cameos or mentions of other heroes, though we have heard that Warner Bros. wants to do something similar to what Marvel did by dropping clues here and there (including after-credit stingers) that not just hints, but comes right out and say that there’s a larger superhero world out there.

But, more interesting, this is how Snyder says about the “Justice League” movie that Warner is hot to make:

Now, that being said, does a ‘Justice League’ movie exist now? No. Whether or not I ever get to make that movie, I don’t know.

Ah. “Whether or not I ever get to make that movie, I don’t know” is a very interesting thing to say. It certainly sounds like he’s either been approached or he’s been preparing to direct a “Justice League” movie for some time now as previously rumored. It does sound like he’s hoping he’ll be involved somehow, though.

Plus, I think it’s telling that Snyder hasn’t attached himself to direct any movie since “Man of Steel”. Usually directors with a hot movie coming out will have his name attached or “in talks” to a bunch of high-profile movies that he may or may never end up making (see Guillermo del Toro, Justin Lin, etc), but not Snyder. And “Man of Steel” was completed last year, if you’ll recall, so it’s very interesting he’s been keeping a low profile in terms of attaching himself to movies post-“Man of Steel”.

“Man of Steel”, meanwhile, opens this Friday. But you already know that, right?

Man of Steel (2013) Movie Image