Zack Snyder Talks Superman Canon, Denies General Zod Rumors


According to Zack Snyder, who has just gotten the gig of a lifetime directing the latest “Superman” movie, rumors that Superman will be battling it out with General Zod and company in his reboot is untrue. The director of the upcoming “Sucker Punch” calls the Internet scuttlebutt “just wrong” before going on to add, “the internet has no idea what’s going on”. Hey, no one bad mouths the Internet! Moving on.

Well that’s a shame. Zod would have given Supes a nice run for his money. It sure the hell is better than watching the Man of Steel fight a scheming Lex Luthor and his clueless henchmen and their various real estate scams, that’s for sure.

Snyder also talks a lot about how his version of “Superman” will compare to the comics in term of the character’s established canon:

It’s a different story. I won’t say there’s a break from the canon or anything like that, but there is definitely an approach that makes you go, ‘Okay, that’s a way to get at it.’

[Screenwriter David Goyer] is very respectful of the canon and stuff like that. It has its roots in the canon and again, like I say, it has a point of view about who he is. I’m being cryptic, I know, but it’s the best I can do.

In other news, Zack Snyder resolves never to use the word “canon” more than twice in a future interview. Or not.

Okay, so no Zod, and the reboot won’t diverge too much, if at all, from what we already know about Superman.

Got all that, kids?

'Blast, foiled again! Damn you, Zack Snyder!'

Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    What a relief! I was a bit dissapointed when I heard the rumors of General Zod being the antagonist in the new Superman film. Don’t get me wrong I loved Terrance Stamp in Superman II. He was a great villain and I like the character. However it has been done. There really is no need to rehash villains or stories from previous movies or tv shows. Obviously Lex Luthor will have to be involved in the story at some capacity, after all he is Superman’s arch enemy. I really hope that they build upon Lex’s character and build him into a formiddable foe for a future installment. I’m glad that Snyder and company are going a different direction with this one. I can’t speak for everyone but I am tired of seeing the same old recipe: origin, meet Lois, meet Lex, showdown, ending. Superman is more than his supporting cast. Granted you need them to stay true to the “canon” and to move the plot but as far as material there is a vast universe that could be used. Doomsday, Eradicator, Darkseid, Conduit, Parasite, the list goes on and on. They are all great villains, none of which have been done before. I say bring on the creativity of Snyder. “THIS. IS. METROPOLIS!”

  • Tchaikovsky3008

    Nothing wrong with having, Lex Luther, “Greatest criminal mind of our time,” figure out a way to get Zod back in the picture. I’d love it and it makes perfect since to me!! It would be a smash. Throwing those other villains in the mix ain’t a bad idea either, but don’t lose Brandon Routhe or the story line. Keep Christopher Reeves legacy going!!

  • presto7919

    i agree with tchaikovsky3008 bring in ZOD but also doomsday

  • Intune

    How about Darkseid?

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      I’d love Darkseid. But he’s TOO big for this reboot. Going with Metallo, Brainiac, or even Bizarro (a rogue clone of Superman created by Lex, who is SCARY not dumb) would even work. Parasite, could work well as well.

  • Jacobcherian70

    I want too see superman fighting jeepers creepers that batlike demon with claws and fangs that likes to skin people and eat their organs to regenerate himself.Jeepers creepers has superhuman strength and can fly at mach speeds.It was sad at the end of the movie Jeepers creepers(2001) he killed Justin Longs character darry and there was no Superman to save him.

  • Jacob

    Oh yeah general zod could also punish jeepers creppers cruelly.General zod is evil,but a lesser evil than jeepers creepers.