Zack Snyder’s Superman Will Probably Fight General Zod in the Reboot

So by now you already know that Zack Snyder will indeed direct the Christopher Nolan-produced “Superman” reboot for Warner Bros. But who will Supes be fighting in his return to the big screen? If rumor about David Goyer’s script for the reboot holds true, then the Man of Steel will be facing off against a very formidable foe — General Zod.

I am probably one of the very few people who didn’t find Kevin Spacey’s scenery chewing turn in “Superman Returns” all that great. I also found the idea of Superman, a guy who can flatten bullets with his friggin eyeballs fighting some mere mortal with a real estate scam and a couple of henchmen (including one of the guys from “Harold and Kumar”, for crying out loud) to be utterly and completely absurd.

General Zod, on the other hand, will really give Supes a run for his money, seeing as how Zod hails from the same planet, and once exposed to Earth’s sun, will also have Supes’ power. Which basically means Superman will be fighting someone who can punch him through a wall right back. Or three, if Zod brings friends as he did in the Richard Donnor movie that introduced Zod to the masses.

Epic fights? You bet your ass. Let’s all hope Zack Snyder goes easy on the extreme slow-mo’s between the punches and crashing through skyscraper scenes…

'Yes, we're just going to stand here until he shows up. Wish he'd get here sooner, though...'