Zhang Ziyi has Aids in New Movie A Tale of Magic

In her new Chinese movie, former “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” asskicker Zhang Ziyi won’t be doing a whole lot of crouching or hiding or ass kicking. Instead, she’ll be co-starring in “A Tale of Magic” with Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok about a couple with AIDS, not exactly a topic that Chinese cinema seems especially interested in tackling. The film is being directed by Gu Changwei (“Peacock”), and is currently in production.

Ziyi can currently be seen on DVDs in the Dennis Quaid thriller “Horsemen”, which didn’t really get a whole lot of airplay here in the States. She’s also continued to keep herself busy with a constant stream of Chinese films, including a co-starring role in Wong Kar-Wai’s upcoming “The Grandmaster”, his bio-pic on the life and times of Ip Man, which promises to be more heartfelt and dramatic, but probably not more action-heavy than the Donnie Yen version.