Zombie Web Series Project SERA Unleashes First 3 Episodes Online

Julia Voth in Project SERA

I saw the original 9-minute short for “Project SERA” when Benjamin Howdeshell premiered it online in 2012. It’s essentially a zombie short with some cool visuals. Howdeshell has now teamed up with IGN to bring you a six-episode original web-series (about 7-8 minutes each) based on that short, starring the short’s original star, Julia Voth (of “Bitch Slap” fame). I’m not sure where they’re going to go with this series — a planned feature length film, perhaps? That actually wouldn’t be a bad idea. Voth, besides being completely gorgeous, is really, really good in the asskicking role.

Check out the first three episodes for the web series “Project SERA” below. New episodes will be released every Wednesday to their YouTube Channel.

Project: S.E.R.A. follows Gillian Eames (Julia Voth) and Lt. Riggins (Derek Theler) as they race against the clock to stop the black market sale of a highly volatile biological agent that was originally designed by the military to expedite the recovery of soldiers wounded on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Victor Webster also stars.