Zombieland 2 Has A First Draft, And A Director Who Likes To See Things Fly At His Face

Talk of a “Zombieland” sequel began almost immediately after the film had a big opening weekend. This is something I welcome. Despite my reluctant acceptance that fast zombies aren’t going away anytime soon, the movie was a total blast, and full of well written, well-acted, and interesting characters that I want to see more of. Not to mention a plethora of potential plotlines.

Director Ruben Fleischer confirmed with Cinemablend that a draft of the script by “Zombieland” writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese is indeed done. But just because there is a script doesn’t mean that it will be Fleischer’s next project. Right now he has

“a couple irons in the fire,” including a buddy cop movie that he sold to Dreamworks that Mike Arnold and Chris Poole are currently writing, and “Babe in The Woods” with Mike White.

While none of the stars are contractually obligated to appear in “Zombieland 2”, Fleisher told MTV that “all the cast is excited to return,” including Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. The story will pick up sometime after the conclusion of the first film, though it will also explore the time before the zombie infestation. Fleischer said,

“What’s fun about the sequel is we have freedom and flexibility to show different periods. We might have scenes before the zombies, or we might have some months after, or potentially stuff further down the road. Through the voice-over and the way the movie is structured, we can really explore all different sides of it.”

And like every other movie that comes out these, when Fleischer and company eventually get around to “Zombieland 2”, it will be in 3D. He noted that he definitely wants to shoot the 3D in camera, and stay away from the post-production conversion that some people are so uppity about.

“I love 3-D” Fleischer said. “I have a hard time saying when it’s not done well, because I have almost a childlike experience watching 3D. It’s just so cool to me when stuff comes out of the screen … I thought “Avatar” was a complete revolution. But I even love “My Bloody Valentine 3D” — the schlockier movies that are in 3D. I think it’s cool to see stuff fly at your face. The idea of zombies splattering into the lens is exciting for me. I understand Mr. Cameron’s point as far as not overdoing it and not making it gimmicky. I still go for that stuff. That’s the part I’m excited about.”

I for one fully support the idea of gory, splatter-filled, 3D horror movies where random things fly out of the screen at your face. That seems like the most appropriate use of the technology. Hopefully before too long we’ll get to see Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock, killing zombies in three dimensions.