Zombieland Writers Talk Zombieland Sequels

According to “Zombieland” writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the original idea behind “Zombieland” was to set it up as a TV show, so if the studio ever wanted a sequel to the movie, the writers have plenty of ideas that they have been tossing around for the last four and a half years, the time it took them to get the movie sold and made. And, says Wernick, it sounds like the movie’s unquestionable star, Woody Harrelson would be easy to bring back for a sequel.

“We would love it, and everyone involved creatively wants to do another one. Woody came up to us after the final cut of the last scene and gave us a hug and said, ‘I’ve never wanted to do a sequel in the previous movies I’ve done until this one.’ ”

“Zombieland”, made on a modest budget by Hollywood standards, scored big at the box office over the weekend, bringing in $25 million and taking over the #1 spot. The zombie apocalypse comedy starred Woody Harrelson as a trigger-happy zombie killer, Jesse Eisenberg as his very average partner-in-crime, and Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin as grifting sisters. The foursome team up in the movie to take on the undying horde in Ruben Fleischer’s feature-film debut.

Without spoiling it, the ending of “Zombieland” does leave plenty of room for a sequel or two, though I’m not sure if they should, to be honest with you. Maybe if they followed a completely new set of characters? Also according to Wernick, he thinks it would also translate well into an ongoing TV series, as was the original plan.

Can you guess which character in this picture won't be in the sequel?

Can you guess which character in this picture won't be in the sequel?