Abigail Breslin is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Zombie Daughter in Maggie

Abigail Breslin in Zombieland (2009) Movie Image

It looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be able to call Chloe Moretz his precious zombie daughter in the upcoming movie “Maggie”. Instead, “Zombieland” star Abigail Breslin (who also has “Ender’s Game” in the pipeline) will be returning to, well, zombieland in the new movie “Maggie”.

Former commercials director Henry Hobson will direct the film, based on a script by John Scott 3 about “a father (to be played by Schwarzenegger) whose daughter, Maggie (now to be played by Breslin), is infected by a walking-dead virus that has spread across the country.”

My guess is that lots of zombie head smashing and shotgun exploding commences. It is Schwarzenegger, after all. Which is curious, because at first I thought this was a small independent drama that takes a myopic view of the situation through the eyes of a dad and his daughter. But when you cast Schwarzenegger, it can’t possibly be that, can it? The dude is not exactly known for small, indie roles.

“Maggie” is set to shoot later this Fall for, we presume, a 2014 release.

As we all know, no one messes with Arnold’s daughter. NO ONE.

Via : THR