Zombies of Mass Destruction are Coming

Just what we need: zombies as weapons used against the enemies. Yeah, that’ll work out real well, not-very-bright U.S. Military. Sheesh, this thing sounds like it should be a Sci Fi Channel Original Movie. Now all they need is Coolio to play the part of a badass military commando who has to go behind enemy lines to kill the zombies, and we have ourselves a Friday Night Special from the Sci Fi Channel. The film in question is “ZMDs: Zombies of Mass Destruction”, a comic book that has been optioned for a movie adaptation.

So what’s it all about? THR has your zombie goodness news:

“ZMD” is the story of a new government weapons program that drops zombies, designed to be photosensitive and dissolve by a set time, into war zones at night to destroy the enemy population. But after one fails to self-destruct in the Middle East, a team of elite soldiers must enter hostile territory to stop a growing zombie army.

They’ve even got an honest to goodness Hollywood screenwriter on board in Kevin Grevioux, who created the comic, and is most known for penning “Underworld”, aka the horror movie where Kate Beckinsale looked really good in that black leather outfit.

Look for this thing to hit DVD or the aforementioned Sci Fi Channel.

Zombies of Mass Destruction