Zombies vs. Cops and Gangsters — in French! The Horde Trailer

Made by a bunch of guys you’ve never heard of, starring a bunch of actors you’ve never seen before, “The Horde” nevertheless looks like a gory, insane piece of French cinema with more than a decent budget. And no, there are no hints of sad clowns or sibling loving to be found anywhere in this trailer from Fangoria. This looks like a pretty pure, straight-up zombie horror movie from the French.

The film pits a group of cops and crooks who were about to shoot each other, but must suddenly team up to survive against a sudden zombie horde, all within the confines of a high-rise building. And you thought your job sucked. There’s no explanation as to why there’s a zombie infestation, but it could be one of those zombie post-apocalypse type of deal where the ending has the survivors (if there are survivors) stepping outside to witness the carnage. Or not.

Written and directed by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher, and starring Eriq Ebouaney, Jean-Pierre Martins, Aurélien Recoing, Jo Prestia, Claude Perron, Alain Figlarz, Yves Pignot, Laurent Demianoff, Doudou Masta, Antoine Oppenheim, and Sébastien Peres.

The film will make its premiere at the Film 4 Frightfest in London next month, so check it out if you’re in the area. Stateside horror fiends will probably have to wait for the import DVD.