Zombies Vs. Robots Set To Battle In Theaters

Hollywood has finally gotten around to combining two time-tested institutions, zombie movies and robot movies. It’s about time, guys. The friendly folks over at Sony Pictures have acquired the rights to “Zombies Vs. Robots”, the Ashley Wood and Chris Ryall created comic book. The adaptation will be produced through Michael Bay’s company, Platinum Dunes. J.T. Petty, who directed “The Burrowers” in 2008, is on tap to write the script, currently titled “Inherit the Earth”. There’s no word on a director, but it isn’t a huge stretch of the imagination to picture Petty in the big chair.

Here’s the synopsis of “Zombies Vs. Robots” from Amazon:

A post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies has only one chance at recovery—a team of robots that must protect and clone a lone surviving human baby. They just need to do this amidst the endless hordes of zombies who have been driven rabid by their frustration at inedible bots and their lust to eat the one living brain left on the planet.

These ain’t your mama’s swarming zombie hordes; these zombies are apparently of the more evolved, intelligent variety. I can’t help but think of some of the undead in David Wellington’s “Monster” trilogy (“Monster Island”, “Monster Nation”, “Monster Planet”), some of whom still have brain function and personality. Zombies are awesome, and there are also robots, and robots are awesome. While Platinum Dunes certainly has the technological ability to pull off a project like this, I hope that it looks like something other than zombies fighting Transformer clones. Wood’s robots are most definitely not the clean, flashy, streamlined robots of Bay’s trilogy.