Zombies vs. Vampires in Last Blood

The rush by Hollywood to snatch up every comic book property in existence, and some that still hasn’t even been published yet (or will never be, actually), continues unabated. The latest victim — er, I mean, comic book property to get rounded up in hopes of turning it into a movie is the indie comic “Last Blood” (cover, pictured left), which actually features a pretty cool premise: in a post-apocalyptic Earth, a band of vampires have to protect the last surviving humans from zombies. Yes, that’s right — it’s zombies versus vampires, baby! If only because of that, damn, I hope this thing gets made.


Benderspink is adapting “Last Blood,” based on Bobby Crosby’s comicbook centered on a band of vampires protecting the Earth’s last human survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

“Last Blood” was co-created by siblings Bobby Crosby and Chris Crosby but Bobby penned the comicbook alone.

“Last Blood” is actually published online, and you can read the whole thing, or at least the parts they’ve finished, online for yourself by going here. A panel from the comic below.

Last Blood comic book panel