Zonad (2009) Movie Preview, Images, and Videos

Zonad (2009) Movie Poster

Starring: David Murray, Janice Byrne, Simon Delaney, Donna Dent, Juliette Gash, Rory Keenan, Slaine Kelly, Kevin Mahe, Geoff Minogue, Liana O’Cleirigh, David Pearse, Laura Way
Directed by: John Carney
Release Date: 2009 (Ireland)

Based on John Carney’s short film of the same name (never released), the feature film version concerns an escaped convict name Liam (Simon Delaney) who fools a whole Irish village into thinking he’s a visitor from outer space. Zonad, a strange visitor comes to the town of Ballymoran at the same time as a meteorite shower and is taken in by the Jenny Cassiday (Janice Byrne) and her family. He’s also accepted by the gullible locals as an extraterrestrial.

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